Volkswagen Tiguan Tablet Advertising
Volkswagen launched an innovative campaign on the Google Admob Network to increase the Tiguan awareness with new and younger customers and drive sales. We created an interactive and rich media campaign displayed on tablets to showcase the dual personality of the Tiguan.

Interactive HTML Units engaged users to tilt their tablet and choose between the « Sport&Style » and « Track&Style » Tiguan. The interaction has been completed by an average of 47% of users. On tap, users could open a layer to find out more about the Tiguan in an interactive way. They could tap on the spotlights to discover many of the features of the Tiguan, chose between an urban or an off-road environment at any time as a result of the slide interactivity, and watch the TV commercial hosted on Volkswagen YouTube channel, incrementing the number of views of the video. On the layer, the average visit duration was 45 seconds and 68% of the users who played the video have watched it entirely.

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